Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Unforgettable Book Library - SOLD!

A friend of mine approached me during the "Booked" Show and asked if she could buy "My Unforgettable Book Library" artist book.  Its funny about selling these labor intensive pieces. Initially they are just too precious to sell, but after I have moved on and created a new one, the pain of separation is much less.  So this piece will be sitting on someone else's shelf from now on.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Chinese Scholar Garden Artist Book

I went to visit a Chinese Scholar Garden in Staten Island in the fall.  This very cool place inspired me to make an artist book. The photos were placed on paper that I had screened light gray texture onto.  then I connected the snaps with various marbled papers.  I had used some restraint in the designs - just perfect for such a contemplative subject. This book was juried into Bookopolis - an artist book show held at the Bookworks in Asheville,  N. Carolina for their "Marble Show".

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hudson River Views

Now I know what Frederick Church was inspired by!  I drove home from a workshop in Greenville, NY to my home in New Jersey yesterday. It should take 2.5 hrs. and it took me 8  hrs. because I wanted to see all the estates that were built in the late 1800's. Olana, Hyde Park, Clermonnt and so many more I was dizzy.  The houses aren't the attraction for me, but WOW, the setting and the views of the water were amazing AND ever changing. I lucked out with a gorgeous crisp day with clouds to reflect on the water. If only I could paint, but the photos will have to do.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

bAbY qUiLtS

Yes - I do make Baby Quilts too!  As you can see, I am fascinated with pattern play with Kaleidoscopes!

NO pastels for the kids I know!  Bright and colorful - yup - that will stimulate them. By the way, I make sure they are all machine washable, cuz lets face it, kids make messes and ya don't need to add aggravation to Mom!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chill - A White Book

I took a book making workshop from Suzanne Moore (fabulous!) at the Garage Annex Studio in the Berkshires (RIP).  She challenged us in making a book out of one color, WHITE, and she even gave us the paper, so you couldn't use all kinds of white!  The restriction made you think out of the box and you were forced to push the possibilities of what you could do.  I made some mistakes and that became the "theme" - to CHILL and not worry about the imperfections.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Puerto Rican's Aren't Afraid of Color

A dear friend invited me to visit him in Puerto Rico this February.  Of course it was Paradise to a New Jersey girl escaping from the winter gray malaise, but wow - the colors were such a surprise.  Nothing tame about the houses.  Even the crumbling buildings had layers of colors - I love everything about Puerto Rico - the people, the beaches, the weather, and the colors - oh my - the colors!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Aztec App's

I'm off to the Greenville Inn in Catskills to learn more about applique. The class is taught by Sandra Leichner and I am excited to expand my knowledge. I'll be gone for a couple of day, but I have scheduled "posts" for your pleasure in my absence.  Meanwhile, these Aztec appliques have been waiting to be put in a quilt - maybe they will be my next quilt - we'll see!