Saturday, August 17, 2013

Porthole - The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall

This summer I tried to make pieces using a variety of cloth that I had created.  My paper collage work adds a dimension more narrative in nature than using just hand-dyes.  I had printed a number of my collages onto white cloth and this one popped out of my bag of tricks - the white faced gal with a cat.  My challenge was to combine it with other elements and blend the image hiding the rectangular edges.  If you squint the edges disappear.  

Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo - Coleus


Every year my clients wanted impatiens in front of their garage - BORING!  But - this last year the impatiens had a blight and they were putting their house on the market, so I was instructed to "do something nice".  I figured I wanted something that looked "neat and tidy" and NOT a distraction to the beautiful property and house, so I planted a collection of coleus limiting the color to red and black.  It was perfect!  The house sold in a week way above the asking price. I doubt it had anything to do with my plantings!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Porthole - Tumbleweed


Can you almost feel the lazy way that the crawfish is just moving along with the slow current in the estuary waterways?  

When we were kids my family was invited to stay with cousins at Southold in Long Island every summer. It was a grand home with a view of Shelter Island.  My brother Ted and I were allowed to play in the tidal flats all day long, catching gar fish and hermit crabs.  As an adult I searched out the property and found that this whole world that we imagined was just the beach in front of the house!  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photo - A buzz

There was a large weed patch at one of my gardens (that I worked at). I asked the owner if she would like a cutting garden there and she admitted that she almost felt "cheated" that this area was full of weeds. It took me a year to get rid of the invasive gooseneck, but then I had a field day. Every year I would plant cosmos, cleome, snap dragons, and zinnias to my heart's content.

One year I went crazy with sunflowers and the bees went crazy with them too!  Unfortunately, that estate was sold and the new owner has her own plans. But wasn't I lucky to work there for so long with permission to do whatever I wanted.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Porthole - Nautilus Moon

Nautilus Moon

It is the middle of August and the summer cicada's are strumming along. My neighborhood has not been infested with the batch of cicada's that crazed some of NJ this year - it WAS bad! This piece of cloth that I dyed looks like an insect to me.  Every year the summer brings insects that hatch, pupate, mate, and die. The moon rises and sets a couple of times, and then they disappear again until the next cycle.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Photo - Goodbye to another Estate


I have had the privilege to work at this estate in Montclair for 15 years.  But life goes on and this one was sold this month. I know that is part of life, but I feel a loss. The owners are dear people, but all their kids were grown and gone and it was time for them to simplify their lives. They bought a ranch in the same town, but it looks like a low maintenance property to me - a few pots and I'll be done. I will miss this property.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Porthole - Music Waves

Music Waves

When you create your own fabrics you get to make the same imagery with different techniques. I love the repeat of this Japanese musical instrument - one in deconstruction and the other screened onto the cloth with fabric paint.  The glittery gold is a lovely addition, but - a caution - it can't be ironed without a press cloth.  This is not a problem once it is finished, but while creating it, I got into trouble and almost ruined the piece AND had to clean the iron!  Dang!

Does anyone know what this instrument is called?