Saturday, August 24, 2013

Digital Collage - Self Portrait

Self Portrait

I loved these boots, but somehow "crowned" myself with a bunch of distorted dancing crones - what's with that?  

Friday, August 23, 2013

Digital Collage - The Flavor of Yesterday Today Tomorrow

The Flavor

When I was teaching myself Photoshop I joined a couple of Yahoo Digital Collage groups. I have amassed quite a morgue of photo's that I would drag into a file and make a composition. Sometimes I was "given" the photos to use, other times I would use my own.  I recall many a Friday night, I would sit in front of the computer with a glass of wine and let things fly. This is one of the compositions that I created.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Digital Collage - Peace


This was a Christmas card I sent out one year (or at least created it for that intention).  The background was a crowd of sun bathers at a beach.  The sumo wrestler and the wolf are two very different images, but I was trying to say - even though we are all very different, can't we get along?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Artist Books - Nightmare -Part Three

"Disintegration" Page 7

"Chimerical Cruise" Page 8

"Duplicity" Page 9

I tried to have a continuing line through the entire book to "connect" all of the pages.  Once I had the pages established in an order, i then tried to connect the images from one page to another, remember - this is an accordion book, so they were all connected in one flowing line.  The other cool thing about this book structure is that it had holes poked in one page to the next, so I could use the underlying page image - if it worked. Only someone who was turning the pages could see this "extra" layer.  

For instance, on Page 7, the little boy looking through the window is on a different page and only revealed through the window on page 7. It is very cool, but also a little hard to get it to work.  On page 8, you can see silhouetted people who are also on a different page, and then on Page 9 - the little animal is seen through a window.  It's probably me, hiding from the couple draped in snake. Trust me, a shrink would have a field day with this piece!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Artist Book - Nightmare - Part Two

 "Tunnel Confusion" Page 4

"Spiral Question" Page 5

"Serene Anger" Page 6


Lots of imagery - enlightenment, tunnel vision, good and evil,  a journey, confusion, doorways, the end of the world, death, money, sorrow, money, humor - its all in there if you choose to look..

Monday, August 19, 2013

Digital Collage - A Brush in a Glass

Brush in a glass

One of my digital collages.  I liked this one so much I printed it on fabric, so stay tuned to see how "that" came out!

Artist Book - Nightmare - Part One

"Mistral" Page 1

"Eruption" Page 2

"Pipe Dream" Page 3


This artist book is a 2 sided accordion book with a paper collage that measures about 4 feet long that runs front AND back! I had a lot to say in this one - but it was written in visual terms.  It is about the death of my Mother and how badly people behaved during this very difficult time. Not only did I have to protect her from her adult children and try to assure her that she did a wonderful job in her life, but after she died I had to protect her money and fulfill her every dying wish!  

This book helped me release some of the pain.  I survived, but not without a lot of battle scars.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Photo - Glowing Daylily

Glowing Daylily

Most of the gardens I work at have gorgeous pools.  So the plantings around the pool need to bloom during the summer when everyone is lounging around sunning themselves if not actually n the water.  

Hydrangeas are a no-brainer for this, but a tad too sweet, so I always tried to add some hot colors and the daylilies did that job nicely. I do remember one gal asked me to have flowers all around the pool all summer, but none that attracted bees. Hmmmmm.  I guess they don't get it. That a flower's job is to attract bees to pollinate them.