Friday, March 15, 2013

Book Arts Round-table Artist Book Show - NOW

I am part of an amazing group of artists that are inspired by making books. Not just ordinary books, but artist books that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Above is one of my submissions this year.  It is about the beauty of Rincon, Puerto Rico.  I visited this surfer/ex-pat paradise in February and I found it to be a magical place.

We are having a show right now at the Baird Center in South Orange, NJ.  If you would like to be blown away - come see the show.

Elaine Gongora                                Shari Seltzer                       Liz Demaree

           Lynne Buschman                               Karen McDermott                                     Joan Bess

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  1. Thank you for posting The Book Arts Roundtable Exhibition dates! I am especially fond of the tribute to Rincon. Great Blog BTW.


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