Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Tudor



One of my favorite estates had a "overgrown" look and I just loved it. then the owner died and the property was sold off to a contractor who sanitized it and then sold it again.  Which do you think looks better?


  1. Well the AFTER totally looks like crap, but anyone can see that!

  2. I was there in person, and BEFORE was better! Wil

  3. Yes - the original Tudor was lovely, but to be honest - the owners wouldn't let the landscaper touch any of the old trees and it was - well - overgrown. She did let me prune, because I would take a branch, or two, hide the raw cuts and tried to work it so that she wouldn't have noticed that I had pruned. You have to prune regularly or it just becomes too much!


Any thoughts are welcomed!