Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time-tress - FAB Collage


This piece was created when I was totally fascinated with Photoshop and all of its layers.  I joined an online digital collage group and every Friday a member would upload 10 images. Our assignment was to use at least 2 of the images to make a collage.  It was a great discipline - I would pour myself a glass of wine and get lost in many layers for hours!  

I always challenged myself to use nine out of 10 of the images (there was always one loser I just couldn't get to work!).  This always pushed me - using all of my new learned tools and forcing me to look at each image in a creative way.  

Sometimes I would like the imagery enough to print it out on white fabric to be used further in a FAB Collage.  The portrait is of Sarah Bernhardt and she was originally wearing a helmet.  Somehow I thought another snapshot of the actress was a perfect hat for her.  I was always disappointed that I could not get fully saturated colors to print on cloth, so I learned to develop the FAB Collages with bright cloth, so you didn't notice the lack of color in some of the elements.

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