Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quilt: "Pond-derosa" - The "flexible" quilt

 Ponderosa (full)

Ponderosa (cut into Three Sections)

Ponderosa (in Two Sections)

Sometimes you get lucky.  My landlord many years ago hired me to plant a garden for him at his lovely home on a lake.  Then he commissioned me to make a quilt that was to be hung in his large sunken living room.  Somehow I got this behemoth under my sewing machine arm and quilted it.  
Then a couple of years later he called me, he was moving to Florida and didn't want this quilt to just be stored at the bottom of a blanket chest, did I want it back?  Sweet!

But for a long time I had nowhere to hang it, it was just too large for any of my rooms!  So I cut it into thirds and hung it at my Mom's.  Amazingly enough, I could slice it up without cutting into any of the major elements.  I hung the two sides together for  a couple of years. Then my Mother built an addition to her home and it will be no surprise that the quilt fit perfectly over her couch.  Now the 2 side pieces hang in my brother's living room.  

By the way - the "sun rays" are the "leftover" pieces from yesterday's entry - Awakenings.

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