Monday, August 5, 2013

Artist Book - Barfly


BARFLY was a little fun book I made for our book swap.  The one rule is that we may not swap blank books, because we all have way to many of them. I put the book together with transparent vellum pages, which allowed me to play with the see through of it all.  I believe Joan Bess won this one.  It's always fun to have a friend win the work because you know it will be appreciated.

Laughter by Joan Bess

I won Joan's "Laughter is good for the heart" book at a different swap. This is Fran Wilner holding it.  The book part is an accordion recessed in the doll's belly.Fran is an inspiration in herself - never playing the "old age organ recital" whine, but always remaining upbeat and playful - a fabulous role model!

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