Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Artist Books - Nightmare -Part Three

"Disintegration" Page 7

"Chimerical Cruise" Page 8

"Duplicity" Page 9

I tried to have a continuing line through the entire book to "connect" all of the pages.  Once I had the pages established in an order, i then tried to connect the images from one page to another, remember - this is an accordion book, so they were all connected in one flowing line.  The other cool thing about this book structure is that it had holes poked in one page to the next, so I could use the underlying page image - if it worked. Only someone who was turning the pages could see this "extra" layer.  

For instance, on Page 7, the little boy looking through the window is on a different page and only revealed through the window on page 7. It is very cool, but also a little hard to get it to work.  On page 8, you can see silhouetted people who are also on a different page, and then on Page 9 - the little animal is seen through a window.  It's probably me, hiding from the couple draped in snake. Trust me, a shrink would have a field day with this piece!

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