Saturday, April 6, 2013

Monoprints - 1st pass and then the "ghost" image

The monoprint class Debbie Livingston taught this week at the Book Arts Roundtable was fun.  You lay down oil based ink onto a piece of plexiglass -  on this sample (left) I "rolled" down a couple of colors (the background stripe).  Then I laid down thin pieces of "texture" leaves, lace, screen, sequin waste, etc. and rolled down some more ink.  You then sandwich this plate onto the bed of an etching press and cover with damped printmaker's paper, newsprint, a wool blanket and press it.  There is usually enough ink on the plate to get a second ghost print (Right)- usually lighter.  Before I took the second pass I picked up the "texture" that had been inked and flipped them over, creating a different look. The results were always fun, informative, and a surprise!

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