Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mother Ship - Collagraph and Plate

My interest in printmaking has been rekindled.  Yesterday's upload of a monoprint was done in class and it is very spontaneous and immediate. I like to design a little more carefully like the collagraph above.  The permanent plate is on the Right - made from cheese cloth, fibers and paper glued down to a piece of mat board and sealed with mat medium.  When you are ready to print, you apply ink onto the plate, rub off a lot of the ink so only the edges are revealed, and then print it on paper on an etching press.  I still have the plate and can print it over and over again - each time changing the color of the inks, but using the same plate/design.

By the way - the reversed teardrop rectangle is a piece of paper glued down during the process - and that is called chin colle.

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