Monday, April 29, 2013

The Sky's the Limit

Now that's a big bird! The finished size of this quilt was probably 5'x7'. This hung at the Lancaster show a long time ago.  Then the next year my friends went and saw an exact duplicate!  They were furious and I was flattered.  It was hard enough to put this large quilt together, much less try to copy it!  I designed this up in Vermont at a quilt retreat.  Once it started developing Carol Esch turned to me and said "How are you going to put this together?" and my response was - "I have no idea!". I ended up using a ping-pong table to piece it. 

Once it was completed it went in a drawer - no wall was big enough and it was rather intimidating!  Then a friend of mine moved up to NY State and built himself a very open A-Frame Log Cabin and it hangs way up on his ceiling. Perfecto! I'm so glad it was able to "fly high"!

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