Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paper Collages: "Gunning for Geisha" - Using someone else's images

Gunning for Geisha

 My art group decided to take it up a notch, so we all brought in images to "trade" and we were not allowed to use any of our own!  Now THIS was difficult. Believe me, this was much harder than using your own images and we whined and moaned about the assignment  We were all muttering!  But it did force me to get out of the way.  I ended up making a little book to showcase the collages I made from that day.

Some of us in the group feel we are weak in writing.  So we have come up with an interesting word challenge. After you have completed a collage you write 10 words down for each of the collages. Then you turn them upside down and write a paragraph using the words.  But that's not all. You then write another paragraph - and then a third!

This exercise makes you stretch on how to use the words. Usually the first "story" you use the words in obvious ways. The 2nd story you have to stretch, and by the 3rd one you really push it.  We don't consider these exercises to create literature by any means, they are more like little vignettes, but you would be surprised at the confidence they build!

You can't read the words above, so - here were my 3 stories 

Tania's cold choker of gold is just another prison. Her warrior red dress of armor binds as tightly as the geisha's bound feet.

Ignore the leering shadows and the honored Father's whispers. Follow the caterpillar's map to maturity; they trust that they will fly - as they should.

Let our pretty pink toes dance to the ribbons of music and become who you are.

The first image was just an abstract using the leftover pieces.

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