Friday, May 24, 2013

Feminine Mystique

Feminine Mystique

One of my online digital collage friends noticed that a favorite composition of mine is "faux symmetry" - I liked that term.  This is a fabric collage. I printed a spider web onto silk gauze and I loved the way it created the transparency over the shoulder and arms.  This is hard to do with fabric, since so much of the fabric is NOT transparent enough (and it is not easy to get your printer to behave with it!).  

I was the Executive Secretary for the CFO of Nabisco at one point and it made me a slave to the telephone. I was also a relocation counselor for a number of years. This was a 24/7 job that required me to wear a headset and talk all day to people around the world.  I escaped from that world before I went completely insane.  (The first tip off is when I found myself mooing in the elevator)!

Now I manage the phone, it does not manage me. If it rings and I am busy, I do not leap up and leave my dinner to get cold. That's why we have voice mail.  

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