Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nightmare - 2 spreads

Nightmare - 2 spreads

By now you know I love paper collage. I made this artist book when I was in a "bad patch" of my time-line! It was cathartic to release all of my anger and pain.  I spliced and diced the images so that they expressed something that I was feeling and changed them enough that I feel I had reinterpreted them from what each one of the original artists intended.  

Nightmare (opened)

I hope you can see the structure of this book. It is called an accordion book and here it is opened.  When it is closed and you flip each page there are cutouts that you can see to the back of the next page.  Very fun to play with! One side of this book is red and the other is peach.  I tried to have a line connect from one page to the next in some way. I was amazed how much better I felt once I had completed the book - it released a lot of my anger.  I know what they mean when they say "art saves lives"!  

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