Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Arts & Crafts Applique - Woodsie

Here are the blocks that went into "Woodsie".  they are interspersed throughout the piece, but in this shot you can see just the applique blocks. I had a great time "shopping" for these designs on the web and then interpreting them in cloth.  

"Woodsie" is huge!  Something like 110" x 110". A friend of ours commissioned me to make this quilt for their 25th wedding anniversary - isn't that the nicest idea!  I had 4 months to make it - and it was a big job!  You can't see it, but in the light frame I quilted personal icons - dance shoes, their kid, horse, and house, etc., just to make it a bit personal.  No one will ever see this quilt this way - after all - it IS a bed quilt and I had to hire a professional photography with a large studio to get this snap.  But - I do love the way the lights are sprinkled around.

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