Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I love this design of my "Spades" collagraph.  But the truth is that the materials are very simple.  First the skeleton leaf - the craft store variety, but it surely takes the ink well!  The top corner is made from some kind of fiber netting.  The diagonal lines coming from the base are slivers of window screening - love the way that took the ink too.  The rest of the shapes were cut/punched out from paper (no I am not crazy enough to cut out all those tiny circles)!  Oh - I just saw/remembered that photo corner at the base of the "mast".  

Once I have the plate glued down - I give it a coat of glue to "seal" it all.  Then when I get a chance to use a press, I ink up the plate and "scrub" the ink into the edges and then wipe a lot of the ink off. Each print is done one at a time, depending on my color whim of the moment.  They all look the same, but they are all different!  These turned out to be the best prints of the day.  

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