Monday, March 18, 2013

I've about had it with winter

Dreaming About Summer

I have about had it with the winter.  We had a lovely snow storm on Saturday.  Not much accumulation, we woke up to a powdered sugar world and I saw it with the rosy glow of sunrise, but still, just saying, I have had enough!  So I am dreaming of going back to work.  As a professional gardener, I get paid to go to some gorgeous estates and make their gardens "glow".  It's a  great little gig that I have going.

One thing I do like about gardening is that every day is different.  I never know what is in store because it is all controlled by Mother Nature. It is hard work, but it is sooooooooo rewarding.  Of course, I never get to sit and enjoy it all, since there is another stop I have to make before I get home.  But gardening isn't about sitting on a chaise lounge, drinking a glass of wine and admiring the moment, that's the owner's job.


  1. Gorgeous! Please keep posting these.



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