Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The King Saves Lives

The King Saves Lives
We found a litter of kitties in the backyard under some ferns 9 years ago.  We called around to a dozen animal shelters looking for help. Every one of them said that they did not want to see the creatures, that there are too many feral cats around "and the inn is full"!  Repeatedly everyone told me on the phone that they should be euthanized because they would be full of diseases and rabies.

The last call I made was to a local vet named Dr. Brenda King to make an appointment to have her "do the deed".  She opened the cardboard box I had trapped them in and informed me that she refused to put them to sleep because clearly they were healthy.  We struck a deal. She would take all 5 kitties for 2 weeks. by then she would be able to assess their health and socialize them.  I agreed to pay for all of their shots.  After the 2 weeks she would send me home with 2 of them and the rest she would find homes for.  

Yesterday my significant other brought them for their yearly shots - They are happy and healthy.  We even trapped Mama and had her "fixed" and released her to live in the neighborhood. We still feed her 3 times a day (at least)!

So now you know the story of The King Saves Lives. I made this for Dr. King.  you can see the 5 fireflies and the another big one outside of the moon for Mama. 

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