Friday, March 22, 2013

Three details of deconstructed cloth

Deconstructed Fabrics

I love the way the dye in a piece of deconstructed cloth is so unpredictable!  Each technique I use to get the thickened dye onto a blank silk screen reveals a different result. The swirly lines on the left were made by drawing onto the silk screen with a syringe similar to what quilter's call stippling and these shapes are what printed!  The middle dark spiral was from a stencil that I cut (crazy I know)!  The third image was created by a thermofax screen.  

Once you develop your technique vocabulary then you get to really play.  Each "pass" of releasing the dye from the silk screen to the cloth changes as well- that's the deconstructed part - the thickened dye releases unpredictably so that each print changes until there is no dye left on the screen.

Believe me, this is a very labor intensive process.  Right now I am loving it.  I am amassing a collection that I will bring to Quilting By the Lake and sell the cloth at the mini-mall to all the students that attend this "quilt camp" I go to every year.  Last year - there was a locust frenzy at my table!

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