Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Woodsie" and "Don't Bug Me"

I'm getting the "Spring Time Bug"
Left     Don't Bug Me
Right   Woodsie (sold)

The world is stirring and the creatures are coming to life - slowly, but I can feel it.  I am so drawn to bugs. They are so little, but when they mass together I bet they could rule the world and surely will inherit it after we blow our selves up!  Plus - their beauty is amazing!  

The Woodsie quilt on your right was made for a friend for their 25th anniversary.  It is a large queen size - so approx 100"x100".  He had asked for "woodsie" colors. For the applique pieces I used my own "Arts and Craft" and "Art Nouveau" designs and the surround pattern was the good old kaleidoscope - one of my favorites. I had plenty of "woodsie" colored wedges left - so I came up with my "Don't Bug Me" quilt.  This was much smaller - poster size so it worked up quickly.  OK - the applique isn't quick, but I'm talking relatively here!  

Apparently I haven't had enough of the bugs - I'm working on a bigger block now - but nothing to show except 24 legs!  

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