Saturday, April 27, 2013

FAB Collage Backs

FAB Collage Backs
Steps to Extinction, Balance the Books, Gravity

I don't really "fuss" about the backs, but I do love the way they look.  The stitching lines are sketchy and not planned. As I said before, I am concentrating on the front and barely look at the back until I have finished. Then it is a surprise and a gift!  The bobbin thread isn't changed that often and is usually random or maybe chosen to match the value of the fabric I am stitching down on the front.  The thicknesses change depending on what decorative machine stitches I choose to use. The same goes with the hand stitching and beading. Of course the "structure" of the design is what you can see - almost like a ghost print - no - almost like a collagraph only showing the edges - how cool is that!  

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