Friday, April 26, 2013

Steps to Extinction - FAB Collage

Steps to Extinction

As I said before, my subconscious leaks out into these FAB Collages. I had just read a number of books about how the men in power had tricked the American Indians. Promises were made and broken, documents were drawn up, and the Indians signed their land away, not understanding what was about to happen to them.  Shame on us.

But - I digress.  A couple of things I'd like to point out on this piece.  The "swoopy" things on the steps is fabric that I discharged - which means took away the dye with a bleach type of solution.  The cloth was originally dyed raspberry but discharged to a gray green.  The red embellishment on the steps are red coral (I believe we should no longer use that material because of the coral beds are being stripped).  

One last innovation on this piece was the thread connection between the chevrons on above the Indian - just a light touch.

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