Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lotus Islands - FAB Collage

Lotus Islands (sold)

I love the mystery in this FAB Collage. The background fabric contributes to these tremendously.  I purchase my hand-dyed fabrics from Helene Davis Hand-dyes in Paducah, KY.  She is a master!  

To be "efficient" I "gang" up my process and usually fuse two sheets of her fabric together for the base - a light and a dark. I'll make about 10 sandwiches at one time. Then when I have the "focal point" printed I will "shop" and see which side of the sandwich works for what image.  I do not feel that this is a waste of fabric on the back - the backs are actually wonderful in themselves and it fills up my eyes with wonderful color and makes me happy.  When I am happy, I can create more!  No "use up" the uglies for me! I want to encourage my muse as much as possible!

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